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You drop firstgeneration HTML in their lap, which was designed to be a publishing platform for nongeeks in academia. They latch onto this as a publishing platform for these naïve, fantastic dreams. They thought they were going to be media moguls. It was a renaissance, and it was all these people who were out of work and couldn’t get jobs being able to dream about something and be empowered. You know, imagine not being able to find a job, and then all of a sudden being able to start a company on the Web and not having to ask anybody’s permission.

And to a degree Voyager, but Voyager burned very brightly, very briefly, and threw off a lot of creative people. Those four businesses really trained people and threw their creativity into this mix. JASON CHERVOKAS EVANGELISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS None of us at SonicNet were company people looking for a company. It’s just, this project seemed like— we thought we were going to totally change music forever, and we thought we were going to empower a whole generation by doing it. It was just incredibly exciting.

We had reams of paper with words on them. We had a phone that wasn’t plugged in that we would answer fifty times in a row, practicing answering the phone with that name and seeing how quickly we got sick of it. That crossed off tons of them. Once we were down to ten or twenty names, we just sort of said, “Razorfish? ” CRAIG KANARICK We spent the next six months doing the work we landed in those first three months. And hiring. , WILL THEY COME? everyone talks about in a start-up—seven days a week, until you literally can’t do it anymore, and you just go home to get enough sleep to take a nap and come back and do it again.

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