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Completely sensible and authoritative, this ebook brings jointly, in 3 elements, hundreds of thousands of formulation, ideas, and figures to simplify, assessment, or to refresh the user's reminiscence of what they studied in class. This computing device reference exhibits tips on how to clear up all kinds of math and physics challenge one is probably going to come across at school and enterprise, and it explains easily and simply how to define solutions quickly, research key formulation and definitions, research quick and study extra successfully, from primary mathematical principles to actual definitions and constants.

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6. Real Number Line The real numbers can be represented by a real number line as shown below. Positive real limbers Negative real numbers - 1- rigi in I I I -3 -2 . I -1 0 I I I L 2 3 t ALGEBRA 31 Fundamentals of Algebra Certain order relationships exist among real numbers. If a and b are real numbers, then a=b, ifa-b=O a >b, if a - b is positive a < b, if b - a is positive The symbols that represent inequality are > (greater than) and < (less than). 7. Interval In general, there are four interval notations.

1,2, ... Irrational that are not integers: i I Whole numbers: 0. 3. I Natural numbers (positive integers): 1,2: 3. ,. Zero: 0 ALGEBRA 28 Fundamentals of Algebra 2. a=a Identity: Inverse: Distributive: a(b+ c)= ab+ ac 3. Properties of Equality If a, 6, and c are real numbers, then Identity: Symmetric: Transitive: Substitution: a=a If a = b, then b = a If a = band b = c, then a = c If a = b, then a may be replaced by b ALGEBRA 29 Fundamentals of Algebra 4. Properties of Fractions a C If - and- are fractions of real numbers, where b d b z Oand d z 0 , then Equality: Equivalence: Addition: Subtraction: Multiplication: Division: Sign: a c = - if andonlyif ad = bc b d a ac --(C+O) b - bc a c a+c -+-=b b b a-c _a - _c - b b- b a _ .

Properties of Exponents If m,n,and p are integers and a and b are real numbers, then, Product: ama" = am+" am - b" Quotient: am an = (ab>" -= am-", ( a z 0) ALGEBRA 35 Fundamentals of Algebra 43, m am (b#0) b" Power: (am). = 14. Definitionof am & & The symbol is called a radical. is the radical sign, n is the index or root (which is omitted when it is 2), and a is the radicand. 1 &=an 15. Properties of Radicals If m and n are natural numbers greater than or equal to 2, and a and b are nonnegative real numbers, then Product: &*@i=G 36 ALGEBRA Fundamentals of Algebra Quotient: Index: =a 16.

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