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By Ian Speller, Christopher Tuck,

An entire background of the speculation and perform of amphibious operations within the twentieth century. The textual content takes the reader via a stage-by-stage account of amphibious tactical operations, and contains technical details.

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In this frame of mind, he had ordered fifty thousand ashore at Anzio, into an action which was to turn into a desperate gamble and a fight for survival. R. Fehrenbach—The Battle of Anzio [e-reads] 3 “The Führer demands . ”—Mark W. ”—Robert P. Patterson, Secretary of War. D own at Naples, General Lucas’ VI Corps had embarked. Soon the convoy would be steaming straight out to sea, heading west at first to confuse any German spies who might be watching, then swinging back north after darkness had fallen.

Brroombrroom. The lines were not moving now, but every minute of each day and night somebody was killed. It was almost as bad to stop and slug it out as it was to move forward in the attack. After Salerno, when the American Fifth Army got a firm foothold on the Italian boot, all they talked about back in the States and up at Fifteenth Army Group HQ—that Limey-run boars’ nest—was Rome, Rome, Rome. The high, high brass had figured the Germans would pull back in Italy; Rome would be taken easily; and there would be a nice, fat victory to show the home folks.

However, I am not optimistic, sir. I think the Germans will fight, not withdraw, as Sir Harold proposes they will do. ” “We’ve got to do something,” Churchill growled. “The Germans are making us look bad with their stubborn defense. ” Eisenhower shrugged, smiled. ” “Then, it is decided, gentlemen,” Churchill said brusquely. “Alexander and I are in substantial agreement. We shall gather the naval forces to put two divisions ashore below Rome, with other divisions to follow. With the landings, Montgomery’s Eighth Army will demonstrate on the Italian eastern front, while Clark’s Fifth, with II Corps, will attack across the Rapido in front of Cassino.

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