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By Johann Christoph Arnold

Deals mom and dad functional knowledge at the key to potent schooling: discovering the guts of every baby. The publication comprises chapters at the unborn baby, the 1st 5 years, the older baby, the transition into maturity, parenting, whilst kids endure, and the position of grandparents.

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Your long-term relationship with the child is too important for that. In the end, you will achieve nothing unless your authority is grounded in love. My father J. Heinrich Arnold writes: If we as parents love God with all our heart and soul, our children will have the right reverence for us, and we will also have reverence for our children and for the wonderful mystery of becoming and being a child. Reverence for the spirit that moves between parent and child is the basic element of a true family life.

Given the special needs of children with mental and physical disabilities, it is easy to see why parents are tempted to treat them differently from other children: to set no boundaries, to give into every whim, to spoil them. Yet to pamper such children is the greatest disservice one can do them, for it limits their entire future — their physical and mental development, and their emo­ tional independence. All children need the warmth of physical affection, and disabled children need it perhaps even more than others.

It means that as they grow up they must overcome their inborn self-centeredness and learn to yield to others when the situation calls for it. They must find a willingness to submit that is born--even if they are unaware of it--of love and reverence. If respect is achieved by authoritarian means, it will eventually breed anger and rebellion. Like any other virtue, it must be taught by example and fostered in an atmosphere of trust. It is something gained only with time and effort. Yet because respect is a basic part of every wholesome relationship, it is vital that it be fostered from a very early age.

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