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By Matthew D. Hockenos

This ebook heavily examines the turmoil within the German Protestant church buildings within the rapid postwar years as they tried to return to phrases with the new previous. Reeling from the effect of conflict, the church buildings addressed the implications of cooperation with the regime and the remedy of Jews. In Germany, the Protestant Church consisted of 28 self sustaining nearby church buildings. throughout the Nazi years, those church buildings shaped into a number of alliances. One team, the German Christian Church, overtly aligned itself with the Nazis. the remainder have been carefully against the regime or attempted to stay noncommittal. the interior debates, although, concerned each workforce and situated on problems with trust that have been vital to all. very important theologians similar to Karl Barth have been instrumental in urgent those matters ahead. whereas now not an exhaustive examine of Protestantism throughout the Nazi years, A Church Divided breaks new floor within the dialogue of accountability, guilt, and the Nazi earlier.

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The Church of Christ has never lost sight of the thought that the “chosen people” who nailed the redeemer of the world to the cross must bear the curse for its action through a long history of suªering. . But the history of the suªering of this people, loved and punished by God, stands under the sign of the final homecoming of Israel [the Jews] to its God. And this homecoming happens in the conversion of Israel to Christ. . The conversion of Israel, that is to be the end of the people’s period of suªering.

In doing so, the church reminded the state that it was divinely sanctioned not only in its role to maintain order but also in its responsibility to the kingdom of God and the Word of God. This strongly suggested, although it was never explicitly stated in the Barmen declaration, that the honor due the secular authority was contingent on the state’s fulfillment of, or at least the genuine attempt to fulfill, its God-given task in accordance with commonly recognized Christian principles. Conservative Lutherans denounced this link between the two kingdoms as a departure from orthodoxy.

Lutherans, both radical and conservative, agreed that the state existed by reason of man’s sin. Since Christians and non-Christians failed to conduct themselves in accordance with the dictates of the gospel, it was necessary for God to rule the earth by means other than the consoling promise of the gospel. Accordingly, God created a second government, the worldly government or regiment (das weltliche Regiment), alongside the spiritual government or regiment (das geistliche Regiment), in order to preserve life and property in the not-yet-redeemed world.

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