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For systems, continuous design combines design of TSA by reflective designers and deferred design of operational functionality by action designers. Operations or business process transforms resources. Speci- Design, Designing and Theory 15 fication of transformations in concrete terms is problematical because of variation in actual action arising from natural design. For organization design, to manage knowledge for instance, it is design of structures conducive to knowledge work that enable deferred action of knowledge workers necessary to adjust to emergence.

1 DNA breeding Protein redesign Better completeness of Fonnallanguage (syntax & semantics) Cellular processes Computer system ~ 0 Data processing, ERP E Specifjed desjqn I ~ :S & deferred rational __....... ~ design departure ·~ Point of specified Deferred desjgn lnfonnation system Decision support system Knowledge management system Natural language Social system Intelligence j Biosphere ecosystem ~ I "' ~ Poor completeness of specified design, bette deferred design The system becomes less obvious and more difficu~ to specify.

Stemmer and Holland, 2003). Modelling proteins is similar in difficulty to information modelling 'there are a staggering number of interdependent variables that influence protein function (Stemmer and Holland, 2003). Clearly gene re-design is not the same as IS, heart surgery is not the same as natural language. Heart transplant and plastic surgery and other surgical interventions tend towards natural design because all contingent conditions are not under surgeons' control. Organized action, formalism and design Placing design and acquiring knowledge of design along the design spectrum is the subject of the theory of deferred action.

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