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Einstein In His personal Words collects knowledge and perception directly from the brain of the main recognized genius of the twentieth century. learn Einstein's options and writings on numerous matters, together with relativity, black holes, atomic power, time trip, and more.

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It is usually pleasant whilst an outstanding and lovely suggestion proves to be consonant with reality.

When i'm judging a concept, I ask myself even if, if I have been God, i might have prepared the realm in the sort of way.

Great spirits have continually encountered violent competition from mediocre minds.

With full-color images and illustrations all through, it is a gorgeous tribute to at least one of the best minds in glossy technology.

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58 | Space-time The possibility of treating time as a fourth dimension, comparable with the three dimensions of physical space, had been suggested before Einstein’s time. G. Wells had shown how a specific time could be associated with coordinates in the other three dimensions in order to locate an event uniquely in time and space, but he had not backed up the idea with the necessary mathematics. Hermann Minkowski, a professor of Einstein’s who had once called him a ‘lazy dog’, developed Einstein’s equations to give time its new status.

An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour. ’ When we lose the absolute nature of time, distance quickly follows. As a moving body approaches the speed of light, time slows down and spatial distances contract. ’ ‘I’ve completely solved the problem. My solution was to analyze the concept of time. ’ 56 | Exploring simultaneity Exploring simultaneity I N Einstein’s redefined universe, the time at which an event seems to take place depends on where you are standing when you watch it.

Opposite: Einstein with Chaim Weizmann (left) and New York mayor John F. Hyland (second from left) 30 SCIENCE: SCIENTIFIC GENIUS E INSTEIN is widely regarded as the greatest scientific genius of the last 300 years — and perhaps of all time. Yet although he engaged with some of the most complex and challenging ideas, he was convinced that any explanations of the workings of the universe should, in their essence, be simple and elegant. ’ Many people might discover beauty in a Beethoven symphony or a great painting — Einstein found it in a perfect theory or equation.

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