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By Harry Cather

Content material:
Series Preface

, Pages vii-viii
1 - The layout process

, Pages 1-53
2 - inventive layout Practice

, Pages 54-73
3 - homes of Materials

, Pages 74-131
4 - Processes

, Pages 132-189
5 - fabrics Selection

, Pages 190-224
6 - fabrics and the Environment

, Pages 225-261
7 - Optimizing Design

, Pages 262-329
8 - dealing with Design

, Pages 330-347
Solutions to Problems

, Page 348

, Pages 349-355

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After the six steps are completed the sections are pieced together to form the house of quality. Key: (~) Strongpositive O Positive x Negative Strong negative /< 1E O Q. 5 Trade-offs O #. -' ,~ ~ • 1" $ zO ~ ~ ~ Constant operatingtemperature • (~ $ $ ~ I~ 0, + ~ ~o ,m ~ ~. ~ ~: - ~~ i $ 1" 1" 1" $ • " " ~. ~. B C,e. . 8 3 4 5 1 4 4 5 N 2 ®V V O O O ® O VV O Q VVV ®0 V VVO® ®O OV 0 ® 0 0 0 O® V® V V® 3 4 ~, 4 1 . 3 . 3 V • 53 42 ~ _ I"~--~r ~ > _ _ r'l=:~ • .... 0 Technical evaluation % importance 35 51(bad) (good) O US OE ~ 4 V 4 1 V!

Om .. LU I~ ~" V~ (~ ~ I~- I~- m V O Constant operating temperature iss~ons process Key: (E) Strong positive O Positive X Negative Strong negative B = Basic O = One dimensional E = Excitement Customer requirements design 36 The design process 'The QFD analysis highlighted areas of the design requiring improvement to more fully satisfy the customer requirements and thus remain competitive with the other products in the market. The key categories identified from the competitive analysis and technical comparisons sections as requiring additional or continuous improvement were: • • • • • • Fail-safe: This is a critical area for product improvement.

Computerized models may suffer from a lack of familiarity of users with these systems, overcomplexity, and a tendency to use the model to make the decision. Comparative models may also select the best scheme from a group but may not indicate that all of the schemes are in fact weak. However, models do aid the decision maker in collecting, collating, analysing and presenting data and can be helpful if designed and used properly. (1) Simple models Simple models might be expressed in a variety of ways, including diagrams, mathematical equations or templates.

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