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By John P Condon; Peter B Mersky

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In addition to interdiction and close air support missions, from I,' time to time Fifth Air Force would lay on a maximum effort across 4l•rhI the board when intelligence devel- oped a new or important target. - Department of Defense Photo (USN) 44303 Among the targets hit by Marine aircraft were the generating stations of hydroelectric plants along the Yalu River, which provided power to Communist-controlled manufacturing centers. The resultant blackout of the surrounding areas halted production of supplies needed by enemy forces.

In the privacy of the examination room, Dr. Robert "Bobby" Brown did try to show an injured soldier how to better his slide technique—all in the interests of morale. Flying Tigers transport leaving Iwakuni bound for ever saw on a double play. Once, I saw him make a throw while standin' on his head. " By 1950, the young starter had established himself as a dependable member of one of the game's most colorful teams. He had not flown since 1945. As the situation in Korea deteriorated for the allies, the resulting call-up of Marine Reserve aviators finally reached Coleman.

Ordnance loads for strip alert close air support could be specified or standard. Intelligence matters and coordinat- were found along the main line of ing data would usually be given while the aircraft were enroute. Strip alert aircraft were without exception under the "scramble" resistance as elsewhere. In fact, stabilized warfare brought some weird and different tactics into control of Joint Operations Center. The same increasing antiaircraft capabilities of the Communists 46 play, which were somewhat reminiscent of the "Pistol Pete" days at Guadalcanal.

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