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By Celia F. Korbivcher

This ebook is a set of articles written among 1992 and 2005 which makes an attempt to convey universes jointly – Bion’s referential and autistic phenomena. the sphere of scientific paintings which the writer makes use of is that of "learning from the emotional event" (Bion, 1962) and the speculation of variations (Bion, 1965), a mode of watching psychological phenomena inside this box, which additionally encompasses the components of neurosis and psychosis. the writer uses Tustin’s thought (1965) which proposes that the character has, except the neurotic and psychotic components, an autistic half within which prevails sensations rather than feelings.

The writer indicates including an autistic zone to the idea of variations, offering a brand new kind of transformation past these instructed by way of Bion: the autistic ameliorations. The advantage of this thought is to extend Bion’s referential to the autistic quarter, a space ruled through sensations with no illustration within the brain. within the ultimate chapters, the writer examines the functioning of the analyst’s brain while confronted with autistic alterations within the analytic consultation and the results of together with this idea in Bion’s referential.

The final 3 chapters are well-known articles which were granted 4 awards: the Fabio Leite Lobo Prize (2001) and Durval Marcondes (2008) from the Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society, the 1st foreign Parthenope Thalamo Bion from the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis (2004) and the ninth Frances Tustin Memorial Prize by means of the Frances Tustin Memorial belief (2005).

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His despair and urgency are such that they have a strong impact on the analyst’s mind, temporarily immobilising her. As we see, Pedro and Mário present marked characteristics of a primitive mental functioning, although they are clearly at different levels of mental development. Pedro fears contact with the products of his mind, his “dreams”, as he calls them. We might ask ourselves what these “dreams” mean to Pedro. He does not have real dreams, with elaborate activity, but rather an accumulation of concrete elements which occupy his mental space and, given the level of violence involved, these mental elements become terrifying, preventing him from sleeping, dreaming, or even staying awake.

He appears to be mentally very excited and finds it difficult to listen to me. I say that I am going to tell him a story: “Once upon a time there was a boy who stays with his mummy at night, while daddy is at work. ” He covers his ears with his hands and says, “I was worried during judo, and also because I walked in the garage of the building here. ) Figure 2. Pedro’s caricature of a dog. ” He turns the page, writes his name and his brother’s several times. He says, “He is very angry! When I touch things in his room he gets angry.

For that, I make use of theoretical developments concerning the analytic object, especially those of Bion and André Green, and I use Marieta’s clinical material to illustrate these ideas. The opportunity to take a step back and think about the clinical experience helps us sharpen our professional tools. The fact that we become restless when participating in an analytic experience might be valuable. It leads us to question the nature of our task. Therefore, I think it is important to delimit the field of observation of the phenomena present in the analytic session, in order to look only at what is essential without deviating from the focus of interest.

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