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By Susan Goldberg, Roy Muir, John Kerr

At a historical convention in Toronto in October 1993, developmental researchers and clinicians got here jointly for the 1st time to discover the consequences of present wisdom of attachment. This quantity is the result in their labors. It bargains cutting edge ways to the certainty of such various scientific subject matters as baby abuse, borderline character disease, dissociation, adolescent suicide, remedy responsiveness, fake reminiscence, narrative competence, and the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

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How, then, did Bowlby resist the force field of the Klein-Freud polarization-how did he keep his head while all about him were losing theirs? An obituarist stated, "It is a tribute to his independence to point out that neither of these two formidable ladies [Riviere and Klein] appears to have had the slightest effect on his subsequent development" (Storr, 1992). This is not entirely true, since one of Bowlby's abiding projects was to challenge what he saw to be the defects in psychoanalytic thinking, especially the Kleinian weltanschauung.

It could perhaps be understood as a "transference reassurance" and served the function of protecting the therapeutic alliance at a critical moment, when, as with so many borderline patients, the therapeutic bond was under threat. When, later, she arrived at a session with something in her eye, she was able to describe her simultaneous longing for me to examine her and so touch her and her enormous fear of my doing so. " In this fantasy she realized, to her surprise, that her body was preadolescent.

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