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By Abhijit S. Pandya

This textbook provides all of the newest details on all facets of every vital portion of ATM - the most well liked telecommunications expertise of this decade. It demonstrates how ATM internetworks a number of incompatible telecommunications applied sciences and supply the high-speed, excessive bandwidth spine community that the total telecom is converging towards.

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Figure 3-6 Pure ATM-based Internet service offering. A typical video transmission carries a large amount of information and it is very bursty in nature. ATM technology is well suited for carrying video traffic very efficiently. A high quality video transmission such as a video in High Definition Television (HDTV) format requires in the order of 40 to 100 Mbit/sec bandwidth capacity without any compression. At the present time, transmission of high quality TV broadcast through telephony network requires setting up a communication path between the source and destination at DS3 transmission rate (45 Mbit/s) using Synchronous Transfer Mode.

This type of connection requires coordination between each node and manual verification of the complete path (end-to-end). However, due to the permanent nature of the connection, the manual set up overhead is acceptable. On the other hand, the Switched Virtual Connections (SVCs) require a robust signaling protocol for call set up and release due to dynamic and on demand nature of the connections. The current ATM standard for ATM signaling is ITU-T Q2931 which is adapted by both ITU-T and the ATM Forum.

164 format for the public UNI interfaces in the public domain. 164 ATM Addressing as recommended by the ATM Forum is shown in Figure 2-9. 164,HODSP) constitute the public domain part (network prefix). The network prefix part contains information about the granting authority and routing hierarchy. 164 part contains the addressing information currently used in the worldwide telephone network. The lower seven-octet End-System Identifier (ESI) field describes the identity of an end-user in the private network environment.

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