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By Jalaja Bonheim

Incorporating a big variety of women's voices and relationships, including old goddess archetypes, this detailed quantity takes an intimate examine the transformative energy of women's sexual experiences. unique. 25, 000 first printing".

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Telling stories is our way of saying who we are, where we have come from, what we know, and where we might be headed. We have many different kinds of stories. Some we share without a moment’s hesitation, like plums from a tree laden with more fruit than we can possibly use. Others are like prize roses that we save for special friends. And then there are the stories we never tell, the ones we pack away in boxes and shove into the very back corner of our psychic basement. Most women find that their sexual stories fall somewhere between the second category and the third.

Shiva desired Shakti, and she desired him. And so, they made love, and the goddess gave birth. She gave birth to sun, moon, and stars, to animals and plants, and also to people like you and me. And because we are the children of these lovers, we too yearn for sacred union. ” You are that divine light playing with itself, always creating, always molding, always seeking shape and form and expression. Therefore, you see, we must honor desire. Without desire there is no creation. This is why we tell stories about desire and love.

Still, the telling itself was not always easy. There were moments of discomfort, of shame, moments when we would find ourselves rocking together in pain. Over and over, I watched women struggle with the challenge of breaking the ancient silence that has shrouded our sexuality. Many would start their story by passing judgment on themselves and devaluing their experience. “My story is boring,” they would say, “it’s not interesting. ” Then we looked at each other and laughed. Does our story not deserve to be told unless it is an exemplary sexual model?

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