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A groundbreaking selection of sacred Christian writings of yank beginning from Mormons, Shakers, Christian Scientists, and others.

"Scripture" is any paintings within which the authors, translators, editors, or discoverers all declare to have acquired knowledge from a resource open air themselves, be it revelation, enlightened philosophy, or old archive. For the 1st time in one quantity, American Scriptures gathers fifteen of those texts from spiritual events with origins within the usa. Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp's concise unmarried quantity will enlighten not just readers attracted to the old and spiritual features of the scriptural texts, but additionally these whose curiosity has been piqued via such bestsellers as Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

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Patton’s work thus represents the tip of an iceberg of ‘‘evidences’’ of answered prayer that was emerging in American religious culture concurrently with scientific naturalism. Outside the pages of the learned jour- 34 The Life of Prayer in a World of Science nals, such a strategy would be employed repeatedly in the decades to come to answer modern skeptics. The next chapter explains an increased emphasis on answered prayer concurrent with the rise of scientific naturalism, as well as the ironic similarities between the John Tyndalls and evangelical Protestants of the nineteenth century.

In other words, prayer was written into the fabric of a predetermined universe by God. 31 As James McCosh stated it, ‘‘God commonly answers prayer by natural means, appointed for this purpose from the very beginning. . ’’ The Congregational minister William Patton even used the theory of evolution to support this contention. Divinely directed evolution, Patton argued, implied that God prearranged the forces of nature to produce the natural and human world we see around us today. ’’ Patton concluded: When, therefore, a man addresses to God a prayer worthy to be heard, that prayer was already heard from all eternity; and the Father of mercies arranged the world expressly in favour of that prayer, so that the accomplishment should be a consequence of the natural course of events.

24 Prayer as a desire for God’s will to be done made no pretension to be an observable physical force and thus was compatible with the claims of modern science. While Davis’s understanding of petitionary prayer avoided conflict with modern science, it did not square well with the doctrine of prayer in traditional Protestantism. 25 Davis’s ‘‘Thy will be done’’ prayer was close to but not quite the same thing as traditional Protestant prayer. As explained earlier, mainstream American Protestants had maintained that petitionary prayer entailed more than mere stated acquiescence to God’s will; it also included the utterance of tangible requests to God over what his will would be in a particular spiritual or material case.

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