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By Marelene F. Rayner-Canham, Geoffrey W. Rayner-Canham

This paintings comprises biographical essays on 23 ladies who labored in atomic technological know-how through the first 20 years of the twentieth century, together with Marie Curie, Lise Meitner, Irene Joliot-Curie, and a bunch of lesser-known ladies scientists whose lifestyles tales have by no means earlier than been advised. The biographies spotlight the lives and paintings of those ladies, noting their contributions and the demanding situations they confronted and overcame. Taken jointly the essays checklist their collective reviews, highlighting the help community that constructed between them and the explanations girls have been extra foremost during this box within the early a part of this century than in different sciences. by means of getting better and recording person and collective histories of the various eminent ladies in radioactivity whose paintings had an immense impression at the clinical discoveries of the final century, a extra whole, gender-integrated view of the heritage of this attention-grabbing box emerges.

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In one of her publications114 Lucie Blanquies refers to some of Brooks's unpublished data. One of Slater's articles115 refers to a paper by Gates, and one of Leslie's papers116 cites work of Gleditsch. Both of Pirret's papers117 cite Gleditsch, while a subsequent paper by Gleditsch118 refers to the work of Pirret. 119 The most overlooked person in this whole saga is Gleditsch. She was the central figure who linked all of the research groups together. She worked or corresponded with most of the key players in the early days of radioactivity and she maintained correspondence with all of the women who are discussed in depth in this work, except Ida Noddack and the two North Americans, Brooks and Gates.

We have laid out the general circumstances of the time, but as the ensuing chapters will show, each woman's life included some unique obstacles and hardships as well as some significant scientific achievements. PART TWO The French Group This group of researchers was led for the most part by Marie Curie (chapter 3), and it is with her life and work that we begin this section of the book. Curie was unique in that she really belonged to an earlier generation than the other women in this compilation.

Elizabeth Rona and Helene Towara worked with Fajans in the early years. Rona commented67 that she had chosen Fajans over George Bredig as a supervisor partly because at parties Bredig expected women researchers to join the wives discussing children and recipes, while Fajans treated all his researchers equally at social events as well as in the laboratory. Frederick Soddy, one of Rutherford's main collaborators, had three women researchers: Ada Hitchens, Ruth Pirret, and his spouse, Winifred Beilby.

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