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By Marcel van Ackeren

A better half to Marcus Aurelius provides the 1st entire selection of essays to discover all crucial points with regards to modern Marcus Aurelius studies.• First number of its sort to fee new state of the art scholarship on Marcus Aurelius• Features readings that hide all points of Marcus Aurelius, together with resource fabric, biographical info, and writings• Contributions from a world forged of most sensible Aurelius scholars• Addresses evolving elements of the reception of the Meditations

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Syme, R. (1968), Ammianus and the Historia Augusta. Oxford. Syme, R. (1971a), Emperors and Biography. Studies in the Historia Augusta. Oxford. Syme, R. (1971b), The Historia Augusta. A Call for [misprinted as of ] Clarity. Bonn. Syme, R. (1983), Historia Augusta Papers. Oxford. Zwikker, W. (1941), Studien zur Markuss€ aule I. Amsterdam. CHAPTER 2 Archaeological Evidence of the Marcomannic Wars of Marcus Aurelius (AD 166–80) Thomas Fischerà 1. Preliminary Remarks After long years of relative peace on the northern borders of the Roman Empire, the Marcomannic wars (AD 166–80) suddenly plunged the Empire into a serious crisis.

5) is now accepted as genuine. Further, besides Maximus and two Greek historians, Herodian, whose work has survived, and Dexippus, known only from fragments, the HA claims as sources 35 writers otherwise unknown and surely invented. Nonetheless, at 549 pages in Hohl’s Teubner edition (Hohl (1927)), the HA is the fullest surviving Latin source for a century and a half of Roman history, and has to be used: truth must be sorted out from fiction. Despite deliberately misleading indications to the contrary – six separate authors, writing variously under the first tetrarchy or Constantine – the search has led to the age of Theodosius: the names of the six ‘Scriptores’ are pseudonyms for one author, whose identity remains unknown.

Ed. (forthcoming, 2013), Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 1–6. Translated with introduction and commentary. Oxford. , trans. (1920), The Correspondence of Marcus Cornelius Fronto. 2 vols. London. , ed. and trans. (1944, repr. 1968), Markos Ant oninou Autokratoros: Ta Eis Heauton. The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Antoninus. Vol. I–II. Oxford. Secondary sources Ackeren, M. van (2006), ‘“Sage zu dir selbst” – Zur Dialogizit€at bei Marc Aurel’, in M. , Die Geschichte des Dialoges. Darmstadt. 54–67.

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