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By Kenneth E. Hagin

Rev. Hagin encourages Christians to ascertain and persist with the scriptural purposes for fasting. He discuss-es the right kind size for a quick, and he offers an engaging replacement to the normal view of fasting--an replacement the Lord gave him

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If these treatments were unsuccessful, the next step was the operation, which in those days was very serious. I knew she was taking these treatments twice a week, but she never asked for prayer. On the day when she went to the city to take her treatment, her 16-year-old daughter was home (this was in the summer). They lived on a farm and had to get up early to go to the city; the trip took a full day. All that day, which was a Thursday, the 16-year-old girl fasted and prayed for her mother. She prayed that the oppressed might be set free.

This probably took place over a period of time. They took some time to wait on God. Again, fasting didn't change God. But it did help them become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Did you know spiritualists fast? They are in contact with demons and evil spirits, and they believe fasting helps them become more sensitive to evil spirits. That is the reason the devil gets to working on some people when they start fasting—especially when they try to fast for long periods of time. You've got to realize there are many spirits in the spirit world.

He had abstained from food for some time and had sought God. " Chapter 9 Setting Free the Oppressed There was a woman in a church we pastored who had a large tumor on her left lung. She had gone to her family doctor, but he sent her to a specialist in a larger city nearby. This was in 1939, and they didn't operate on people so quickly then. They did not know whether the tumor was malignant or not, but they gave her X-ray treatments. They said the treatments wouldn't cure her, but they were supposed to retard the growth of the tumor or shrink it.

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