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By Errol C Friedberg

With a Foreword by means of Sydney Brenner (Nobel laureate in body structure or drugs, 2002)

This biography info the lifetime of Paul Berg (Emeritus Professor at Stanford University), tracing Berg's existence from start, in 1926, to the current, with targeted emphasis on his huge, immense clinical contributions, together with being the 1st to improve know-how that ended in gene cloning technology. In 1980, Berg got a Nobel Prize in chemistry for this work.

as well as his contributions within the examine laboratory, Berg orchestrated and oversaw a ancient assembly at Asilomar, California that established on a threatening controversy surrounding the conception by way of a few of the damaging capability of recombinant DNA know-how. This assembly did a lot to stop this controversy and to install position the law of recombinant DNA paintings, hence placing fears to rest.

The recombinant DNA controversy used to be a ancient end result of the invention of gene cloning. particularly, it represented a paramount instance of clinical foresight and due diligence via the clinical neighborhood, instead of by means of regulatory entities within the usa and plenty of different international locations. the last word popularity of gene/DNA cloning resulted in a brand new period of contemporary biology that prospers to the present.

This e-book is aimed essentially at scientists and people in education. The ebook strives to easily supply details for the final reader, yet isn't particularly adapted for a common examining audience.

whereas many books conceal the recombinant DNA controversy, none have satisfactorily addressed this ancient interval and are usually contradictory concerning the many who is, where's, and why's concerned. also, the good majority of those have been written by means of non-scientists. This biography of Paul Berg offers entry to varied archived letters and records at Stanford college now not formerly addressed, and to the chronology of occasions as recalled and documented by way of him, in addition to different key personalities, lots of whom have been interviewed.

Readership: Researchers, graduate scholars, undergraduates in lifestyles sciences, medication and chemistry and lay public.

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Even when Irving was in relatively good health, Paul and Jack had little to do with the “baby” of the group. Though never really robust, in the mid to late 1930s Irving enjoyed an extended remission that supported a moderately active life, including gainful employment. But he died in his sleep at the age of 45. The two elder siblings on the other hand, just a year apart in age, cultivated a close relationship that endures to this day. “Paul and I were very close growing up — and remain so today,” Jack Berg related.

She asked after Paul and I told her how well he was doing. That was the expectation of everyone who knew him. ”7 A distinctly laid-back personality with a confident and unflappable demeanor, Jack Berg recalled that his older brother enjoyed a lot of attention from their parents — “more so than me,” he stated diffidently. “In fact my wife frequently commented on Paul being the favored son in the family. ”8 By all accounts Paul’s parents were indeed unstinting in their praise of his scholastic success and personable demeanor.

Indd 10 23-05-2014 09:55:41 b1674 The Recombinant DNA Controversy Revisited b1674_Ch-01 Growing up in Brooklyn 11 with living things was first aroused from reading books), Berg’s curiosity was primarily piqued by his nurturing educational environment — and by spotting the occasional dead animal in a sufficient state of preservation to take home to dissect! 14 “At that early stage these interests sometimes translated to an ambition to become a doctor. ” “I can’t remember ever seeing either of them reading books,” he stated.

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